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I am baesd in nagoya. (central japan)

and available to take any local and international photo assignment.


RYAN PRESS nagoya office


About me /

TAKAHIRO YOSHIDA (07,17,1991) 

Freelance Photographer with a documentary style.

I started to travel several countries when I was 16 years old. After coming back from the traveling, I became a photographer in 2010.

I have stared as travel and documentary photographer then. My life work is to cover a slum , war, and school life.

I take photos of local traditional festivals, events, and any other news in around in Nagoya; I usually take school life photos and

family documentary photos in Japan as well. I am SOPA Images press photo agency Photographer in Hong Kong also.



【Japanese client】

NEWS PAPER /asahi sinbun, mainichi sinbun, chunichi shinbun, ise shinbun, kyodo news 

MAGAZINE     /Junior AERA(asahi publication), TOCANA, Business Journal, Syzo woman, 

&WEB              syukan kinyoubi, rokusaisya publication, iryou kikaku 

TV                /CBC tv, Cable TV

RADIO           /NHK, toukai radio, radio san-Q, MID-FM 

MOVIE           / man dawn, BEIGUNGA MOTTOMO OSORETA OTOKO,   and other...

【International client】

BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, MONOCLE, METRO, 

Mirror, Australian Associated Press, CNN, Microsoft, Newsweek, 

Bloomberg, New York Daily News online,  

cctv.com, fararu, esquire

 and other...


I have experienced traveling to foreign countries since I was young.

The sight I have seen while traveling taught me new discovery and stimulation.

In this website, to tell faithfully about the local sight, I put some pictures which include naked children.

The purpose of these pictures I took is to tell the bare facts of the local region, but I did not intend to take as a porno.

Please enjoy my photos.

※This site is under trouble

If you want to get some information, please send e-mail to me.